Painters    F.C.

A collaboration between Admiral, PenaltyMag and Painters F.C.

Football allows members of Painters Community FC (formerly known as Soccer Painters) to stay in touch with each other. Connor Winks, a graduate from London College of Communication, started the club after graduating in 2017 after leaving university, offering other students and creatives from around London the chance to indulge their footballing passions.

Good players, Talented creatives!

What’s the best thing that’s come from the birth of Painters Community FC?  

I mean the kits that have just arrived from PENALTY are pretty high up there — very impressed with the standard and how we’re looking now. I’d probably say the amount of friendships it’s maintained and made. There’s people from uni that graduated last year and there’s people who  graduated four, five years ago that are all really good friends now, so yeah that’s great to see.

A multi-talented design led football club.

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