Admiral x Socially Distant Sports Bar

Three men trying to talk about sports

The Socially Distant Sports Bar from Elis James, Mike Bubbins and Steff Garrero was founded in the first lockdown when sport was suspended due to the Pandemic. Podcasts became a massive part of everyday life whilst we were all stuck at home and not many saw a rise to the top quite like The Socially Distant Sports Bar Podcast.

In a unique collaboration we created shirt designs that take influence from the Admiral Wales and Crystal Palace kits of the 1970s and 80s injected with a Socially Distant colour scheme.

Socially Distant Sports Bar Football Shirt by Admiral

Sold out within hours

The podcast frequently mentioned their love for the classic Admiral designs, especially our famous tramline silhouette used by Wales. This was where discussions on a football kit started and from a crest sketched on a bit of scrap paper we made it come to life.

The initial launch saw the kits sell out in under 5hrs. A reflection on the design and quality of the kits and how The Socially Distant Sports Bar podcast has infiltrated modern sports culture.

Due to the success of our first kit launch we'll hopefully be working on a new design soon.

A Football Podcast That Brought A Famous Admiral Kit Back To Life

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